About Dee

Photo of Dee IsaacsCurrently working throughout Scotland and overseas as a composer, performer, animateur, and lecturer, Dee has established strong links with a wide range of professional arts bodies throughout the UK, including Opera North, London Symphony Orchestra, Northern Sinfonia, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Scottish Ballet, Share Music UK and the Scottish Arts Council. Her work in Scotland has led to a number of long term developmental projects with a diverse range of socially excluded client groups, particularly in the areas of mental and physical disability, elderly care, cross generational awareness and educational support through music for children, and parents in socially and economically deprived communities.

Dee is passionate about the creation of music and its wider value. She recently set up an exchange programme between West African musicians and the University of Edinburgh. From 1998-2001 she developed an extensive programme of work overseas as the UK coordinator for War Child in the Caucasus, a creative arts programme for refugees and displaced children in Georgia. Dee has a B Mus (hons.) from the University of Edinburgh and is currently a lecturer in Music in the Community University of Edinburgh.

Scholarships and Awards

  • Bristish Composer Award Nomination for Suppose Life 2006
  • Scottish Arts Council creative development 2006
  • Scottish Arts Council, professional development 2005
  • British Composer Award Nomination for Festus, chamber opera 2003
  • Arts Trust for Scotland, Travel Award to Mali and The Gambia
  • Creative Women Awards, 1999 – For research and study of West African music
  • Clutterbuck Scholarship UoE, 1994 – For study with cellist Torleif Thedean, Stockholm
  • Junior Exhibitioner, Royal College of Music, 1984 – 1989