Memories are made of this

“It is possible that much of what we take to be our personal autobiographical history is based upon false, or at least distorted memories.” – Professor Christopher C. French

Memories are made of this was an exploration in sound and image of the work of Alasdair Hopwood, an artist and curator who exhibited at the Talbot Rice Gallery in March 2014. The project consisted of weekly workshops from January 2014, leading to 2 public performances in mid-March. The investigative workshops facilitated collaboration across the arts, with skills shared between students of Graphic design and Music. Small teams of students and pupils created musical and narrative responses to the visual stimulae found in the exhibtion.

Dee conducting a choir

Alisdaur Hopwood’s Welcome Trust supported exhibition The False Memory Archive: Edinburgh, on which Memories are made of this was based, ran between March 14th – April 19th 204. Hopwood’s work included a series of events, mass participation and physical and online interventions that began with a symposium during 2013 Science Festival.

Film maker: Matthew Kay
Dancer: Skye Reynolds
Music: Dee Isaacs