Orpheus in the gardens

Orpheus married the nymph Eurydice, but she died from a snake bite.
In his grief, Orpheus descended to Hades to find her. There his music
so charmed Pluto, the king of the underworld, that Pluto promised to
let Orpheus to lead his wife back to his world -on one condition:
should he look back at her, she would be lost to him. Just as they
reached the earth, Orpheus turned to see if she was following him,
whereupon she vanished forever.

On the 11th March 2005, Orpheus in the Gardens was performed at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. This performance was a collaboration between children (Leith Walk Primary, Forth View Primary and Craigroyston Primary) and adults who shared ideas and imagination hoping to find the spirit of Orpheus in the garden at night.




Composer: Dee Isaacs
Writer: Gary Young
Director: Roxane Pope
Designer: Iulian Fortuna

Music in the Community (University of Edinburgh) with the support of Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Scottish Arts Council and Edinburgh City Council.