Projects in the Gambia

Dee continues to devise projects for Primary 3 children in Deeper Life School in the Gambia. Students, teachers and musicians from Alla Leake Drum School come together on biannual, week-long performance projects. The projects support the development of communication and language skills and immersion in an imaginative world.

Big Boat

The Big Boat project was the first step into an example of ‘active’ learning in school, which champions a child-led and imaginative approach to teaching – something we are familiar with in the UK but which is an extremely new ethos in Gambia. More projects are planned for the future to continue making use of the educational and social potential of music as a tool for the transferring of knowledge.

Artistic Director: Dee Isaacs
Project members: Richard Alwyn, Professor Raymond MacDonald

Tin Forest

to follow…

Musical Hats in the Gambia

Orpheus in the Gambia