The Lost Happy Endings

Jub lives amongst the trees, in a forest where animals are her friends. She closely guards the secret to all the happy endings to all the stories in the world… One night, something terrible happens… Can Jub find the happy endings to restore peaceful nights to the world once more?

The Lost Happy Endings was a magical and musical promenade adventure through the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, based on the children’s book by Carol Ann Duffy. It took place in March 2008 at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh.

The Lost Happy Endings poster


“… she realised there was only one thing to do. She switched off the lights and closed the door behind her… Hush and listen! The owl is hooting in the trees by the river.”  – from Carol Anne Duffy’s book

Composer: Dee Isaacs
Director: Roxana Pope
Designer: Iulian Fortuna

Performed by Craigroyston Primary, Victoria Primary and Music in the Community
Produced by Botanic Productions and The University of Edinburgh
With the support of Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust, Robin Leith Trust, Lottery Fund and Scottish Arts Council

Design for Print by FOGBANK
Photos by Gareth Easton